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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Transformers Combiner Wars Legends Class Shockwave

After some ups and downs, Combiner Wars is finally ending this year to be replaced with Headmasters in Titan Returns. But before the line officially ends, Hasbro wants the line to go out with a bang and gave us what probably is the best Legends we've had in recent years. This tiny gem is Legends Shockwave (also i just bought a hangar backdrop and i'm testing it out in these shots, so bear with me)

Shockwave's alt mode is basically just his gun mode without the handle but i guess i can kinda see it as a space ship... with a giant targeting scope...
Anyway, Shockwave is molded in purple, translucent pink and grey plastic. The limbs are actually made of translucent pink plastic and is painted with purple, i'm kinda surprised by this since at first glance i thought they were the same material as the torso.
The hands are kinda obvious in alt mode too.
BTW, i painted pink on some of the minor details and the scope to break up the monotonous purple.

Fortunately his alt mode makes sense in weapon mode, it's a intimidating looking giant cannon. IT'S HUGE!
Unfortunately not all transformers can hold him since he has a hand guard attached to the handle. This means only closed fist transformer MIGHT be able to hold him.

He looks best in the hands of a combiner and voyager.

Now Shockwave can fire himself without those incompetent Decepticons!

Now the bot mode is where Shockwave shine. The Autobots had Cosmos as the best Legends for awhile but now the Shockwave has that title beat. He looks FANTASTIC!
With his broad translucent pink chest and his beefy legs, Shockwave sports great looking proportions.
I'm so used to having Shockwaves with HUGE hand cannons that it's nice to see a Shockwave with a moderately sized one.

Details are pretty nice but they get lost in the monotonous purple. Some paint will make them pop.
The head is very classic looking and i love it!

His back looks a tad odd because of the weapon peg but i'm just glad that it isn't hollow, unfortunately i can't say that bout the legs.

Now we get to the best part, the articulations. Shockwave is probably one of the most articulated transformer i can remember. He has just about every point of articulations you need except wrist swivels and a torso joint.

I'm so so SO grateful to Hasbro for including a head ball joint, it makes Shockwave so expressive!

Because of the hollow legs, he can even kneel effortlessly.

Tiny Shockwave is the most fun transformers i've had for awhile. My only complaint about this toy is regarding the translucent plastic, i'm nervous about them cracking after awhile. Other than that, it's a solid figure, definitely a must own if you're a transformers fan.
It's probably the definitive Shockwave, at least until the Masterpiece comes out.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!


  1. You did good on those Pink paint apps, real good.

    Shockwave is an outstanding legends class figure.

    1. Thanks, i used a toothpick for the tiny parts
      it makes less mess that way