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Monday, 21 March 2016

Mega Bloks Ninja Turtle Blindbags

By some miracle, Malaysia TRU finally bought in some Mega Bloks. Although it's just the TMNT blindbags, i'm still pretty happy, just hopefully they'll bring in the rest of the stuff, i really want the classic turtles.

These are actually pretty good for blindbagged minifigs. The only real complaint with them is the lack of elbow swivels.

Man, Leonardo's face sure is goofy...

Raphael is angry!


Donatello's giving off a slightly creepy stalker vibe here...

Pizza time!

Mikey only has a pair of nunchucks, not sure how they could have fit in another pair though.

Gummi Shredder looks delicious, hmmm strawberry...

Also managed to get the secret minifig, the 4 armed foot ninja. Pretty cool little guy, he's basically the foot ninja with extra arms attachment.

Fun little things, hopefully TRU Malaysia continues bringing in these guys.

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