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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Neca Series 14 Alien Vs Predator Scar, Chopper & Celtic

After 3 painful months of waiting, they are finally here! The highly anticipated ( to me anyway ) Neca's brand new Alien Vs Predator line! Something odd happened between the supplier and retailer so this wave got delayed for quite a while in Malaysia, i was actually about to give up hope and had them imported but the stars aligned and now i finally have my hands on them.
How are they? Well, i hate to gush about every Neca figure i buy but I LOVE THESE GUYS!!!

I'm not a fan of the AVP films, they were pretty shitty with the second being one of the worst movies i've watched in theatre. Even Randy, Director of Neca's Product Development, didn't seem to keen on the films.
So colour me surprised when they announced they'll make figures of the 3 main Predators and with brand new molding as well. And boy, these brand new bodies are rocking!!!
All 3 Predators share the same body with minor variations among them, Neca took some liberties and slimmed the Predators down to fit in with their line since the film AVP Predators are SWOLE and looked really out of place with the rest.. Scar has an unmasked head and is the most armoured up of the 3 with pretty long wrist blades.

Chopper is my fave of the 3 but his skull trophies are very fiddly and will drop off with the slightest touch. He has double wrist blades that are thicker and the aforementioned skull trophies.

Celtic, the oldest brother lacked wrist computers but has a net gun mounted on his wrist instead. He has normal wrist blades.

Each Predators are armed to the teeth! Scar has the typical load out with a shuriken, a dagger and retracted combistick/spear.

Chopper has the most accessories, with his extended wrist blades, shuriken, 2 skull trophies, dagger and retracted combistick. Unfortunately, Chopper doesn't have the hands to hold them but more on that later...

Celtic's accessories are almost similar to Scar but he has the fully extended combistick.

All 3 brothers have clips on their backs that you can store the combistick with...

... except Chopper who has a smaller clip to hold the skull trophies. It's never explained in the movies, but on the back of the packaging it mentions that Chopper admires human's self destructive nature and tributes them with his skull trophies. That's a pretty cool tidbit.

The heads are fantastically sculpted, Scar's unmasked head even have his scar on his forehead.
By the way, Scar has the biggest plasma caster.

Celtic's mask is smooth but features lots of tiny details near the face area. His plasma caster is big but not as big as Scar's.

Chopper's mask may look simple at first but unlike Celtic's smooth mask, Chopper's is textured and it really pops in pictures. His plasma caster is the typical Predator plasma caster so it's the smallest of the 3 brothers.
Also Chopper and Celtic's masks have hoses that plugs to the backpack, but it doesn't really attach well so i just push the hoses behind the dreadlocks.

The new bodies are HUGE! They stand a head taller than Neca's previous Predators.

And the articulations!!! The new bodies have double hinged elbows and knees, wrist swivels and the torso is on a ball joint.
Though the torso joint is abit limited because of how bulky they are. But they more than make up for it with the fantastic range of the double jointed elbows.
But you'll have to be wary of stuck joints, my Scar and Celtic had stuck wrist swivels and hips. I had to carefully wriggle them back and forth to free them.

By the way, Chopper's extended wrist blades are really intimidating. Make sense since the blurb on the back mentions Chopper as the most skilled melee fighter.

Seriously, i love the elbow joints. They can even touch their own heads now.

Also, check this out. The wrist computers on Scar and Chopper can flip up! The insides are even sculpted and everything!

So, remember when i mentioned that the 3 brothers share the same mold? You know what that means, HANDS SWAPPING!

This fixes the problem with Chopper only having closed fists.

When i first got them, i was planning to only keep Chopper and sell the other 2. But now, i'm glad i decided to keep the 3 brothers. They look so good in a group shot.

Neca really bought their A game with these new Predators. They could have just reused their old Predator mold but choose to make a whole new mold instead. The articulations really made these my favourite Predators Neca ever released.
Sure you can argue that the articulations are nothing new compared to Bandai's old Wolf Predator, but you have to keep in mind that these are twice the size and half the price.
I can't recommend these guys enough, for rm80 (20usd) each, BUY THEM.
Neca has just recently revealed Scarface and Clan Elder which will be made with this new body and a new Jungle Hunter body with updated articulations so it's a pretty good time to be a Predator fan!
Next, i'm gonna keep a lookout for the AVP Aliens because what would respectable Predators be without preys?

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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