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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Mega Bloks Ninja Turtle Blindbags Series 2

It's weird, TRU Malaysia is not bringing any mega bloks in except Spongebob sets and Nick TMNT blindbags... just the blindbags. Anyway, i got all of the ones i want in this series except for Raph... i thought he was Spike.

Raph is the one i wanted the least, DAMMIT! He's has the least difference from the previous one, he has red coloured sais instead of silver, smiley head, pet Spike and no Mikey tag.

Pet Spike has no paint.

Mutant Spike is cool but he's way too small. Not just scale wise, proportion wise he's skinny as well.

I would have like him more if he had different arms instead of the turtle arms, something buffer... but the cyan is awesome and the plastic is speckled.

Splinter is more articulated than i thought. I expected him to just have a static robe but it has 2 points of articulation.

He can sit which is cool.

Now if i can just find a normal coloured Shredder.

Probably my fave of this series, the Mousers are so adorable! They come in 3s a pack and are pretty articulated.

I'll probably buy a few more packs to army build em.

Last is Hooded Leo. He looks really cool and the bow and arrow is fantastic. There's a clip to hold the arrow in place and indent for the arrow to pull the string. Unfortunately Leo has no elbow articulations so he can't notch the arrow convincingly...

His hood is made of soft rubber so the articulation is unhindered but this also means the the face mask won't stay on perfectly.

I like this series more than previous ones so please continue bringing them in, TRU Malaysia! Thanks!

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