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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Mega Bloks Ninja Turtles Leonardo and Shredder Mirage Version

So i was surfing the net one day, minding my own business, looking for nothing in particular until i stumbled upon a listing from China. New TMNT Mega Bloks yet to be released being sold right now! How can i resist? Unfortunately the listing is only for loose minifigures so i just bought Mirage Leonardo, Mirage Shredder and Classic Leonardo, I would have bought more but they were already sold out... Anyway, since no one has the Mirage sets yet, i thought i would show some pics!

Mirage Leonardo that i bought came in the street set so it's black with white wash instead of white with black wash of the single sets. It's pretty cool and the white wash brings out the details of the tiny tiny sculpt, i'm pretty surprised  that Mega Bloks managed to get so much details into such a tiny figure.

He has the diecast shell of the Classic Turtles, though i would have preferred plastic since the metal is heavy which balancing such a tiny figure pretty hard.

He shares the same sculpt as the Classic Turtles with the exception of the head, torso shell and belt piece. By the way, the new belt doesn't have slots for the katanas so Leo can't store them unlike the Classic one. And you can swap their bandanas too.

His bands are soft grey plastic and his katanas are the same as Classic Leo's except they're molded in black whit white wash.

Articulations are the same with the Classic Turtles which means they're pretty articulated for such tiny figures.

He looks great wielding Hooded Leo's bow!

Next up is Mirage Shredder.

He's white with black wash and from what i can tell, is the same exact mold as Classic Shredder albeit missing the cape.

He's pretty detailed and i especially like the gauntlets. His belt is soft rubber and has slots for weapon but Shredder doesn't come with anything... maybe because mine was sold loose so he doesn't have anything. He also has cloths for the loincloth.

Articulations are similar to the Call of Duty Mega Bloks so they are pretty good.

Man i really like these figures. It's just too bad that i have to resort to importing them or i would have bought more. Hopefully Mega Bloks will keep making this line and TRU Malaysia would finally start bringing them in because i would buy them ALL!

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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