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Monday, 9 May 2016

Bandai NXedge Style Omnimon/Omegamon

When i was little i grew up with the Digimon virtual pets and games, virtual pets were all the rage back then. Unfortunately i wasn't that into the show, though i did watch the animated movie, Our War Game and loved it. The movie was was the debut of one of the most famous digimon, Omnimon/ Omegamon.

Now i know there were plenty of Omnimon merch out there, there was the Bandai monster-arts, reboot model kit and the SHF one. And now Bandai just released a cute, tiny Omnimon in their NXedge line.
While i'm not a big fan of the NXedge line (they're a bit flimsy to me), i can't resist having a cute articulated Omnimon on my desk. Omnimon's sculpt is sharp and crisp, but like all NXedges he's missing paint apps. It's not as bad on Omnimon though because of his simple designs.

But i decided to spruce mine up anyway.

Like previously mentioned, sculpted details are sharp and crisp. It's pretty nice on such a small figure.

Omnimon has another set of eyes that you can switch. It's a looking to the right gaze.

His cape is cool, the cape's peg helps with posing immensely.

He comes with his Grey Sword and Garuru Cannon. Not much to say here, except Grey Sword's runes are unpainted.

There's also the NXedge stands that comes with all the releases.

A pink blast effect...

...and pink slash effect. Both effects plugs into the stand and are compatible with with Bandai's stage acts.
NXedge's articulations are pretty good but Omnimon has a but more range due to the skinny simplistic design.

While Omnimon looks good, i'm not sure if i like NXedges or not. I mentioned that they feel flimsy, that's because parts constantly pops off. The biceps and Greymon's head are the worst offenders, they'll pop off with just a touch. This gets annoying pretty fast especially when i'm trying to take pictures.
And NXedges are not so cheap either... standing around 4 inches, the tiny size and the missing paint apps makes it tough to recommend this line.

Anyway, thanks for viewing.

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