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Monday, 23 January 2017

Iron Factory EX19 Shadow Tengu (not-Sixshot)

How can you not love a toy that can turn into 6 different forms? You can't, that's why Hasbro and everyone else is making their own version of Sixshot. There's like what? 4-5 third party Sixshots already announced.
While Hasbro is making an official one i'm not too keen on leader class transformers, but a legends sized Sixshot?? Where can i throw my money??
Iron Factory, still dominating the third party legends class category, finally released their own tiny Sixshot... i mean Shadow Tengu.

Shadow Tengu's alt modes are pretty mediocre since they had to give him 6 alt modes, some sacrifices had to be made. First up is the gun mode which is probably the weakest of the alt modes. The handles are just the wings flipped downwards.

Winged wolf is one of the more unique mode but still pretty meh. Atleast it's decently articulated.

Third is the tank mode, it's more like a rocket turret than a tank actually. By the way, you'll notice the tank treads aren't actually touching the ground. That's because the hip is suppose to slide outwards in for some transformation but because of how tight the joint is, i'm not willing to risk it. There's a fix online but i didn't have time to fix it yet.

Vehicle mode is vaguely like a vehicle i guess.

And lastly the jet mode is a flying space wedge.

But like most Iron Factory figures, Shadow Tengu shines in bot mode. Just the amount of details they're able to sculpt onto such a tiny figure blows me away.

The only back kibble is the wolf head.

He comes with some accessories though not as much as City Commander. There's a pair of guns, a pair of blasters and a pair of swords. Shadow Tengu doesn't feature as much 5mm ports as City Commander so he can't carry them all which is a shame. Still, the guns are pretty nicely sculpted.

The swords are same swords they have been using since their Evil Lord, so you know what to expect here.

Articulations while not as good as City Commander, is still pretty great. Some of the joints are pretty tight though, so be careful and use some sort of lubricant to avoid breakage.

While not as good as City Commander in my opinion, it's still a pretty great figure. Even if you're not into transformers, Shadow Tengu is a fantastic looking figure.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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