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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Hasbro Transformers Age of Extinction Deluxe Lockdown

Lockdown was probably the most capable villain in the Bayformers movies. He was cool, intimidating and he got the job done. SO WHY IS HIS DELUXE SUCH SHITE?!?!? Sorry, sorry, i'm just bitter. I was probably looking forward to him besides Hound. So, imagine how dissapointed i was when Hasbro just churn out something like this...

Truth be told, his car mode is sexy, but look closer... no side windows. What's up with that?

Bot mode is where Lockdown makes me cry. He has all the details but he just looks so awkward proportion wise. His chest is too wide and legs too short. Besides that, he has his arms attached to the door panel, hollow chest, loose joints EVERYWHERE, and chest tabs that refuses to stay tabbed in no matter what.

Great head though.

Articulations are pretty standard

Best thing bout him is probably the gun, that's it.

He can wield it like a standard gun or do his headcannon mode from the movie. But this means he can't move his head in this mode.

Compared to the old Revenge of the Fallen Lockdown, i'll still pick him over AOE Lockdown everytime. I'm just too dissapointed with this guy, with nothing really going for him except the headcannon, his flaws heavily outweighs then pros. I say skip him and hope Hasbro will give us something better. All i can do now is hope someone, maybe Dr Wu, to make add-ons for him.
Anyway thanks for viewing.

EDIT: I noticed i mistransformed the chest a bit, but it barely makes a difference and i'm way too dissapointted with him to care...



  1. I still think he looks alright, but I was planning to swap his head for someone elses and make him a Car Decepticon from the RotF game, just because.

    Plus the RotF Lockdown is the best.

    How is that Generations Orion Pax mold you have in one of the pictures?

    1. Pretty solid, he has a great sculpt and i love the proportions on him.
      Has hollow arms though, but besides that, i like him