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Thursday, 20 March 2014

CHMS Bootleg Acid Storm

Back in G1 Transformers series,  the bulk of ol Megatron's army were made of the Seekers. Sharing the same body with Starscream, they were basically made to job to the Autobots to show how badass they were. Nowadays you have the Vehicons in Prime for that. You have the 6 most famous ones, Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Ramjet, Thrust and Dirge, and later,  Coneheads. The rest were basically just nameless recolours... until fans came along.

 Acidstorm, a member of the Rainmakers (dubbed by fans) appeared in the episode "Divide and Conquer" made an impact due to his unique eye-searing green palette. He was the only member of the Rainmakers to receive an official toy in the Universe line in 2008. But they decided to make him "realistic" so the green was toned down to a drab dark green with camo, not as interesting as his debut appearance, but that was all we get... until CHMS came along.

Using the Classics Starscream mold, CHMS gave him his original neon green and holy-shit, it's eye catching. Articulation is pretty basic, swivel head, shoulders, elbows, knees and balljointed hips. But who cares?? Look at all that green!

Okay, being a collector, i'm against buying bootleg stuff. Bootlegged toys normally will end only in tears, due to how shoddily they're made, a  waste of money and overall just plain crappy. But CHMS actually made quite a solid little figure. Plastic's solid, no missing details (except the face, but i'll get to that later) and tight joints (maybe a bit too tight, especially in the elbows). Paint's a little shoddy though.

His weapons hold the missiles quite well, not as sensitive as the official Starscream and his remolds. They are able to plug into his shoulders quite nicely.

But the face... what happened to your face??? All the details are gone. You can barely see his mouth and his eyes are just painted on. I have no idea why, the rest Acidstorm's details pop nicely... so why just the face???

Like i mentioned, the joints are tight. All of them work well except the elbows. They were too tight! I cracked the left elbow on mine trying to move it. But it still manage to hold up well.

Compared to the recent Waspinator which were also a nice shade of green, you can tell that Waspinator doesn't even hold a candle to how eye-catchingly green Acidstorm is.

After displaying him with the rest of my collection, my eyes are instantly drawn to him everytime.
Depending on how much you can find him, he's a pretty solid little figure. I bought mine of taobao.com for 15 shipped and he's pretty good for that pricepoint. I'll probably get the rest of the Rainmakers soon so i could have even more retina-burning goodness. Now i gotta sign off before my eyes melt.
Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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