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Friday, 21 March 2014

Transformers Generations 30th Anniversary Voyager Autobot Whirl

Whirl is not your typical transformer. Along with Roadbuster, they were originally from a obscure Japanese series called Armored Trooper Dorvack. Based of the Ovelon Gazzette with a simple recolour, he doesn't look like your typical transformer with pincer hands and mono eye. It's no wonder he was fairly obscure for a long time. But then, IDW came along and thanks to the pen of James Robert, Whirl is suddenly surged into popularity thanks his uncharacteristically violent personality for an Autobot. But i'm not here to talk bout the comics today, i'm here for the newly released voyager! Does he hold up to the standards of the IDW toys Hasbro has been releasing lately? Well... yes!


His copter mode is plenty solid. With an opening cockpit, and plenty of details, he looks like a pretty convincing copter. Alot people of complain bout the gaps underneath the cockpit and his thighs in copter mode but i don't really mind them, not when the everything transforms so well together. He comes with plenty of firepower, 4 weapons! Each with various pegs and clips so he's able to equip all of them together. He also comes with a sticker sheet, which i will almost never use.

The heliped mode isn't bad either. He reminds me of ED 209 from Robocop, which is a bonus. But... why the rotor dick??

The robot mode, it looks so weird that i kinda like it. He's based off his G1 look but the head and chicken legs are from his appearance in the IDW comics. It looks good, with solid articulations and beautiful blue plastic. The instructions doesn't mention this, but the shoulders can be collapsed in and the leg can be pushed back even further for the chicken leg look. By the way, you can turn the legs around if you don't like the chicken leg look. Also take note, the upper joint of the knees are reaaaaaaallllly stiff, i had to exert lots of force for the joint to click so take note of that. There are already documented breakages resulting that joint.

He's one of the few rare bots that can cross their arms.

And he's really expressive because of that.

All in all a pretty good voyager. If you have no love for the character or is turn off by the unique look, he's not a necessary purchase. But if you like the character and don't mind his design, give him a chance.
Anyway, thanks for viewing.

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