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Monday, 31 March 2014

Marvel Legends SDCC 2013 Exclusive Thunderbolts Ghost

I was never a big Iron Man fan, not too big on the whole superhero team thing either. Most of the time, superhero team comics are infighting, betrayal and forced drama, so it's no surprise that i have no idea what the Thunderbolts are. All i know from some articles online is that the team is mostly made of villains trying to turn over a new leaf and they keep switching the players around. The current team members are Red Hulk, Elektra, Punisher, Deadpool, Agent Venom and Ghost Rider, but there was once a time when the team members were Ghost, Moonstone, Juggernaut, Crossbones and Man-Thing led by Luke Cage. So Hasbro decided to release this team as 2013 SDCC's exclusive box-set. But only Ghost appealed to me (thanks mostly to the stealth suit and transparent plastic, god i LOVE transparent plastic), so i had to scour the webs for someone to split the box set with me. So after some searching, here's Marvel Legends Ghost!

So, from what i've read, Ghost is a tech wizard that has a special suit that gives him phasing abilities and super hacking prowess. He's also a brilliant tactician and inventor. Have i mention how much i love transparent toys? Cause i love transparent toys and Ghost here is made entirely of transparent plastic. His body is based of the Bucky mold with some new details molded on him, most noticeably his head and hands. Paint wise, it's minimal. With gold tint for the mask lens, yellow Thunderbolts insignia and grey gradient, there's not much room for sloppy work.


 There's only one accessory, an extra head that's a bit more cooler and meaner looking. It's nice but i still prefer the dopey one more, it's cuter.

He's the standard height for Marvel Legends.

He looks like a certain villain in a certain game series doesn't he?

I've certainly paid alittle too much for him and he's not that spectacular, but i just love how he looks. I can't really recommend him for retail price, but if if you can find him cheap, he's a pretty cool figure. Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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