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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Transformers Generations Legends Class Payload and Autobot Cosmos

Cosmos was one of those transformers that i have no idea who he is or what he does but i just gotta have because of how unique he looks. So what can i say about Cosmos? He's a squat fat Autobot that keeps a watch on Decepticons while hanging out in space and somehow he has the alt mode of a flying saucer. That's pretty much all i know bout him. Then there's Payload, 1 of the trio of mini-con that forms the most powerful weapon in the transformers universe, the Requiem Blaster. So Hasbro decided to make the duo under the new Generations legends, packing him with the ever annoying Swerve. How does Cosmos fare against the fantastic transformers Hasbro been making? He's FANTASTIC!

Just look at this cute little thing! How could you not love it??? It's amazing how well they managed to make the alt mode so sleek and compact. Although the shape is simple, Cosmos is littered with little details really brings out the sculpt. Payload turns into a tiny space shuttle that's also cute as well.

Both of their robot mode looks cool as well, especially Cosmos, with giant Hulk hands and giant boots. You wouldn't have guessed he turned into basically a saucer. The transformation is simple and fun, while Payload is just the space shuttle standing up.

Articulation wise, Cosmos has everything he need. With swivel shoulder, ball jointed arms, ball jointed hips, swivel feet and swivel head, he can achieve plenty of action poses. While Payload can swivel his arm up and down.

Knee guns!

Payload turns into a cool gun that actually good without looking out of place unlike the other recent minicons(Waspinator).

He scales with the commander class and legends, standing as tall as commander Prime Shockwave. 

I just love him! Pure fun to fiddle around with, i highly recommend him.  With his cool look and great articulations, there's clearly lots of effort put in designing him. If you have a chance to purchase 1, GET HIM!!!
 Anyway thanks for viewing!

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