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Sunday, 15 June 2014

3A Action Portable Fighting JC

3A are one of the more controversial toy company out there. With questionable upfront payment for preordered item methods, long delay times, you can't really blame the fans and customers' dissatisfaction. But once they deliver their products, it's no wonder fans keep coming back for more.

I have no idea behind 3A's toy lore but it's pretty obvious who this character is. You know it, I know ir so let's just skip the religious debate. Let's talk bout how cool they figure is instead.

Action portable is 3A's 1/12 scale figure line. Normally, cloth in this scale looks ridiculously out of scale with the figure but 3A somehow discovered how to make it look superb. Cause just look at it!
The cloak is is sewn with wires so you can pose the cloth and it works. JC himself looks superb, with litthe sculpted cloth and tattoos painyed on, the dirt and grime works, making it looks like JC just fought the army of darkness.

He comes with a detached ZOMB head, which i guess is the 3A version of the undead

With the cloak off, JC looks badass as ever..

Articulation is fantastic! Since AP is derived from their 1/6 line, just shrunken down, it retains all of the joints. Only problem is the cloth does restrict some of his movement.

Since it's 1/12, he blends well with Marvel Legends, figma and SHF. All in all, i love this guy. With the exception of some loose joints, he's pretty much great. I bought mine on Bambaland when he dropped.
Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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  1. Very nice! For some reason in my mind I think he would look great displayed with my King Kazma figma.