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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Neca 12" Godzilla 2014

"OH NO, NOT AGAIN!" was fans' first reaction upon finding out Hollywood was gonna make another Godzilla movie. I can't really say i blame them, Roland Emmerich killed everyone with his 1998 Godzilla, so expectations weren't high. Luckily, the movie was pretty entertaining this time around and Godzilla himself looked AWESOME with his newest incarnation.

This is the biggest Godzilla designed ever! And he certainly looks the part, with a thick torso and legs and wide neck, he's built like a bear! The tiny head amplifies the monstrous look as well. Though i would have preferred his back find to be tad thicker.

He's accentuated with some blue paint on his scales and a brown wash on his belly. This breaks up the monotone black and gives him a subtle depth.

Articulation is really surprising, being built like a truck, you wouldn't have expected Godzilla to have much articulation. But Neca is full of surprises. Godzilla is PACKED full with ball joints, his tail alone features 4! I expected his limbs to be just simple swivels but they're connected to ball joints as well.

With all the joints, he can do his infamous Showa dance!

Scale wise, he blends well with Monsterarts and Revoltechs.

But standing next to the Pacific Rim Neca figures, he's dwarfed severely.

For such a low price, he's a really fantastic addidtion to any kaiju collection. I know Bandai is making their own Godzilla 2014, but it's still awhile to release and the price will be sure turn off some. Till then, i can't recommend Neca's Godzilla enough.
Anyway, thanks for viewing.

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