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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Transformers Generations Legends Class Reflector and Skrapnel

The Insecticon trio were pretty unique among the decepticon ranks by being the first few insect based transformers. The first and most famous team was made of Kickback (grasshopper), Bombshell (hercules beetle) and Shrapnel/Skrapnel (stag beetle). But like all team based toys, Hasbro rarely complete them in the same line or scale. And Skrapnel here is no different.

Based on his IDW look, Hasbro has release Skrapnel into the Thrilling 30 line as a legend class figure. He looks great in his alt mode, obviously drawing designs from the G1 toy. Too bad there's nor articulation in his alt mode though.

His little partner, Reflector is a tiny camera which is freaking awesome!!!

Skrapnel looks great in bot mode, with angular edges and a really nice head sculpt. Too bad bout his insect legs, they're pretty intrusive. I wish they could fold away more. With ball jointed shoulder, elbows, hips and knees and a swivel head, he has all the articulation he needs.

This is what i didn't like, all the insect legs are sticking out the back.

Reflector turns into a big gun that looks like Skrapnel's G1 weapon.

He's good, but i think i'm spoiled by Cosmos. He wins in ever department except colour. Love those purple parts.

Skrapnel can't really hold the camera mode Reflector as well as i hope. But nothing some blue tack couldn't fix.

Say cheese!
He's a pretty good figure, just flawed by the insect legs in bot mode. Otherwise, he's a pretty cool legends class toy, can't say the same bout his wavemate Tailgate...
Anyway thanks for viewing!


  1. This guy and Cosmos are both at the top of my want list .

  2. Skrapnel is slowly working his way to my door step. He looks perfect, or as near to a Legends figure can be.

    And I thought I recognized that cutting mat. You painted up those Walking With Dinosaurs 3D Troodon and the JP Allosaurus really nicely and posted them on /toy/ didn't you?