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Sunday, 1 June 2014

66 Action Kamen Riders Box 2

Kamen rider, bugmen of justice and my childhood heroes. It's hard to find anyone who haven't been exposed to kamen rider in 1 form or another. With so many incarnations of kamen rider, it's no surprise that Bandai would capitalize on the franchise, ranging from roleplay toys to fully articulated action figures and now, tiny tiny little action figures.

A newly released line, 66 Action is a series of candy toys of chibified kamen riders from the various series. Here in box 2, there's Kabuto from kamen rider Kabuto, W from kamen rider W, Den-o from kamen rider Den-o, Zangetsu from kamen rider Gaim and the secret figure Dark Kabuto... which unfortunately i don;t have... Anyway, the figures all have standard articulation, ball jointed head, shoulder, hips with swivel elbows, wrist, knees and ankles. But because of how it's made, the shoulder and hip joints have pretty limited outwards motion. While kamen rider W is my fave Heisei series, his figure here is pretty meh. All the riders come with a black stand and some extra accessories, W here has a scarf and extra hands holding memories.

He's missing paintapps on his bangles and his back.

Kabuto is probably the best looking one, his metallic red really pops and his red eyes are really cool. He comes some extra hands just like W.

Here's him with the "My grandma used to say..." poses.

Den-o gets a sword!

Ore Sanjou looks really awkward...

I haven't watch Gaim yet, so i have no idea bout Zangetsu except his based on a melon and has a shield. He also comes with a sword.

All in all, these guys are pretty cool for their price. I bought them for 5 bucks per box. Even with the awkward shoulders and hips, they're pretty detailed and kinda cute. I'm looking forward to box 3 cause that one has Eternal which is my fave villain from W.
Anyway, thanks for viewing!

EDIT: Finally managed to get my hands on the secret figure for this box, Dark Kabuto!

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