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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Marvel Legends Guardian of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Every team needs a weapons expert and a muscle bruiser and Rocket Raccoon and Groot are the dynamic duo of the Guardians of Galaxy. Rocket Raccoon was a genetically engineered raccoon with human intelligence to maintain an insane asylum colony. He was recruited by Peter aka Star-Lord, his friend to join the Guardians of the Galaxy. Groot meanwhile was a being from Planet X called a Flora Colossus that was exiled for defending an abused maintenance creature. He joined the Guardians of the Galaxy to earn his freedom after being incarcerated by the Kree. Soon Rocket Raccoon and Groot became inseparable. Now then, that's enough of backstory, to the toys!!!

 Groot is the best BAF Hasbro has offered in quite awhile. While lacking in paint he is loaded with details. Standing around 9 inches, he's pretty hefty, towering above the rest of his team mates. With a somber expression and crazy amount of details in the bark texture, i really love how he looks. Though he'd benefit with a dark wash.

Articulation is standard of recent Legends with swivel foot and all. The only complaint is the hips which are limited because it uses swivels instead of ball joints, but i don't really miss it since he just looks so awesome.

Rocket Raccoon is somewhat what you'll expect if you have the comic version and yet i'm still kinda disappointed. He looks too relaxed or neutral for a gun toting raccoon. It's not a bad expression per say, it's just not suitable for his character.

Articulations are the biggest problem here, limited head range and basic arm articulations, he can't really hold his weapon convincingly. But the worse of all, he lack ANY articulation below the waist, with the exception of a tail swivel.

He does come with the gun featured in the trailer that Star-Lord uses though.

He's tad too large in my opinion, abit larger than how he's depicted in the movie.

But there's no regret in my mind getting him to complete the BAF Groot or the team. If not for Groot, it's to complete the team. They look really good together.
Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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