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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Neca Bad Blood Predator

I told myself i wouldn't buy another Neca Predator until they utilized the upgraded articulations (which is probably next year), but when i saw this badass looking guy on the shelf, i couldn't resist... So here it is, the honourless, genocidal Bad Blood Predator!

Bad Blood here is from the comic Predator: Bad Blood published by Dark Horse depicting our titular Predator breaking the Yautja code, going on a massacre and being hunted by another Predator, the Enforcer Predator from series 12. He's a psychotic killer, more so than normal Predators, that killed instead of hunt and has decorated his armor with trophies. Adorned with skulls and bones of his kills, this guy looks the part, with extra touches of blood splotches. He also has little rings pierced on his forehead and chest, which i find a little silly to be honest, but that's accurate to the comics.

His forehead has his trademark heart? tattoo. His flesh is pastelish yellow with pink wash and black specks which makes the blood stand out even more. This is one gruesome looking monster. By the way, his mouth are sculpted extra wide like he's roaring... nice touch!

I really love the smaller Yautja skull on his shoulder, this implies Bad Blood doesn't even spare younglings. He has a tiny tiny noose so he can carry the harpoon he comes with. If you own any of the modern Neca Predators, you'll know what to expect with the articulations, it's basically the same as Neca Series 11 Battle Armor Lost Predator i reviewed previously.

He probably has the most accessory count for the Neca Predators as well. This includes 2 dismembered human head which are really really creepy. They can be hooked on his hips. Also 2 unknown creature skulls.

His harpoon which i mentioned earlier.

A strand of his dreads, which according to the comic, one of the human characters managed to yank off.

A bloody extra hand. By the way, his has 3 blades instead of the traditional 2 on his wrist.

And his bloody machete.

Even though i'm getting tired of Neca re-using the same body mold after so long, this guy just stands out to me. Like the Kenner Predators he'll have a permanent spot on my Predator display. Man, just when i think i'm out, i get sucked back in. Maybe i'll get Ahab Predator next...

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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