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Monday, 28 April 2014

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Toxin

I used to be a big fan of Spidey... but years of years of really bad writing really turned me off. It's like Marvel really wants people to hate the Spider-Man series. But fortunately, as Spidey himself keeps getting suckier, his rogues galleries are getting better, and among them are my faves, the Symbiotes.
The Symbiotes themselves were nothing special, just typical shape shifting sentient suits, it's the characters that wears them that makes them interesting and Eddie Brock is the most entertaining psychopath to ever wield alien suits (Flash Thompson comes in second place). From early Venom to Anti-Venom (seriously, that's not how you culture vaccines, go read a science book Dan Slot) to the current Toxin, Eddie never fails to entertain even in the hands of a bad writer. Anyway, to coincide with the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 that's coming out, Hasbro released brand new Spidey Marvel Legends and guess who's in it? Why Eddie Toxin of course!

First impression was how mean this guy look. Hasbro gave him a unique headsculpt that looks like he's ready to bite your head off. Although, the gigantic top teeth looks kinda goofy originally, but nothing a little paint weathering can't fix. He comes with the same tendrils that came with Carnage so you can plug it in the back. I prefer to plug it in facing down though, to differentiate him from Carnage and it makes him more natural.

Based on the more recent Hyperion body, which looks pretty good for buff characters. Articulations are pretty good, nothing crazy like the new Spidey though. The head, arms and hands are the only new sculpts.

Paint wise, he's pretty  simple, a little bit of black and yellow for the eyes, light gray for the teeth, greenish gray for the tongue, and red with maroon for the rest. What stands out though, is the gloss they gave him, it looks pretty good.

I'm loving him more than i should. Maybe it's the body buck, maybe it's the character, but i can't help but pose him constantly. He might be a little bland for the casual collectors but all in all a pretty solid toy. Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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