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Monday, 14 July 2014

Marvel Legends Guardian of the Galaxy Star-lord

Star-lord (Peter Quill) was one of my fave Marvel characters before the whole Marvel NOW fiasco. He was a smartass, quick thinking, space faring every man that gets thrown into impossible situations. Together with his best pal, Rocket Raccoon, a vengeance seeking green Kratos, Drax and a psychic assassin, Gamora, a giant sentient tree, Groot and of course a telepathic dog, Cosmo, they were the Guardians of the Galaxy. All in all, the comics were interesting with a satisfying end after the Cancerverse. But of course, no characters from the big 2 ever stay dead so now Peter's back with a new team and with Bendis as the writer. Anyway, Marvel finally decided to make a Guardians of the Galaxy movie and you know what that means? MORE TOYS!

Star-lord is based on his movie appearance, which is kinda cool. Though i would have preferred the cool uniform look from the comics, they're releasing that as a SDCC boxset (GODDAMN YOU HASBRO!!!). He sports a really cool looking mask reminiscence of his comic mask, a futuristic trenchcoat, a sling bag, space jeans and ROCKET BOOTS! His accessories load is kinda nice, with a space ball seen in the trailer...

...a pair of space guns...

...a walkman, headset and unmasked head.  Of course he came with a BAF part as well, Groot's left hand, hopefully i could be arsed to complete him in the near future. Stupid Nova, i just need Groot's arm!!!

 I like how his mask is painted with glossy paint, it looks really good. His trenchcoat is given a brown wash as well.

Articulations, he has all the joints of a modern Marvel Legends, but because of his trenchcoat, his legs are limited. Otherwise it's good.

Now here's the bad news, he's made from really soft, really gummy plastic that's to me, not much different from a doggie chew toy. Seriously, a beautiful sculpt ruin by such shitty materials. His joints are so soft that his arms came warped in the package. His fingers are too soft to properly grip his hands so they fall off constantly on mine, especially his left hand.

Is that suppose to look like Chris Pratt??? This is definitely the weaker headsculpt compared to the masked head. I'm kinda surprised they managed to get the likeness on Drax and Gamora but Peter here looks like Chris' stunt double. On a side note, Drax looks really good... should i buy him?


 He's kinda meh, would have been great if he wasn't made with such crap plastic. So if you're on the fence, wait for the movie and then decide if you like the character or not. There's no fear of a shortage here since he's packed 2 per case.
Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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