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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

figma Silent Hill Red Pyramid Thing aka Pyramid Head

Probably Silent Hill's most memorable monster is finally here in figure form, Max Factory's Pyramid Head is released! I'm not a big Silent Hill buff but i've always liked the creepy and disturbing atmosphere the games bring and this figure perfectly captures that feeling. So, here's the ever creepy Pyramid Head!

I'm used to seeing Max Factory releasing anime characters so it's kinda surprising when they release such a detailed sculpt of Pyramid Head.  The head sculpt is crazy! Even underneath the pyramid is sculpted to look like fleshy bits of soft brain tissue. It's grotesquely awesome!

His clothes are pretty detailed too with worn and bloody patches. And of course, what would Pyramid Head be without his Great Knife? It's a great looking thing though i would have prefer it to be more worn.

Articulation is great... except for his legs. This is due to his pants, a bummer, but Pyramid Head isn't known for dynamic poses anyway.

Like all figma, Pyramid Head comes with a plethora of hands. But beside that, he comes with the spear and alt neck with hole. That neck part is...

...for reenacting the Pyramid Heads death. The spear's tip can be detached and attached to the neck.

It's a pretty good figure and has me excited for the upcoming Silent Hill Nurses. Hopefully, Max Factory will release more horror icons.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!


  1. What character is the female body in the last pick?