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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Neca Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Luca

There's always a lack of articulated animal figures in this hobby.But thanks to Neca, we finally have articulated simians at long last! Sure, they're not really generic simians, but with the exception of Koba and Caesar, the Planet of the Apes Luca and Maurice are just typical simians. And who can say no to an articulated gorilla? This guy can't, so here it is!

Just look at this guy, the sculpt kicks ass! The sculpted hair and head is really really good. The paintwork here is also pretty marvelous, with subtle shades of blue highlight and red wash on the head.

Also Luca is a silverback so he has some white highlights on his back.

 Articulation is pretty standard but because of the sculpt, the range is kinda limited... except the hips. Thanks to the waist piece being made of soft rubbery plastic, the hips are not as limited as rest of the him.

Luca doesn't come with anything except a snarling head. And it's as every good as the other one. Just look at all the details! Even the tiny tongue has a wash on it.

He can be a stand in for King Kong too!

 Such a great figure, and for it's not that expensive either. Great great toy, even if you're no fan of Planet of the Apes, he's still worth tracking down!

Thanks for viewing!

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