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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Marvel Legends Infinite Daredevil

With the release of the fantastic Netflix Daredevil series (it's great by the way, go watch it) , it's no surprise that Hasbro would want to push some merch for ol Man Without Fear. So when they stuck him in the latest Spider-man ML series i knew besides Spidey 2009, i gotta get my hands on Daredevil as well. So how does he stack up? Pretty good actually.

Based on the Bucky mold that been reused multiple times now, Daredevil is everything you need for a Daredevil figure. The head sculpt is pretty good with a stern/determined expression on his face. Paint apps are what you expect, 2 shades of red and flesh colour for the face. It's minimal but that just means he doesn't has much space for sloppy paint apps.

He comes with 2 baton sticks that can be attached together at the end. I've heard really bad things about the batons being really soft gummy plastic, but in hand, they're not that bad. The batons can be stored on his thigh holster pretty securely.

Articulations are what you would expect from the Bucky mold, no complaints here.

There's something about the simplicity of Daredevil's costume that i really like. It's everything i need in a Daredevil figure and i personally love Daredevil, so i would pretty much recommend this figure. Now Hasbro just need to release some Hand Ninjas, Bullseye or King Pin for some Hells Kitchen action!

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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