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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Marvel Legends Infinite Spider-Man 2099

Among all the versions of Spider-men, i think my fave will have to be Spider-man 2099. The suit design just screams cool to me and Miguel O'hara is a pretty good character. But unfortunately there wasn't a decently articulated figure of him, the old Toybiz and Marvel Universe ones were pretty crappy. That is until Hasbro finally gave us Spidey 2099 in the second Spider-man Infinite ML wave. So without further ado, here comes Spidey 2099 swinging in!

Among the second wave figures, i wanted Spidey 2099, Anti Venom and Daredevil the most. Anti Venom was pretty easy to find since he was 2 per case, but Spidey 2099 and Daredevil was pretty hard to come by, Daredevil even moreso. So when i finally have Spidey 2099 in hand, i was ecstatic and i gotta say, this figure does not disappoint. He's molded in the shiny swirly metallic plastic Hasbro has been using alot lately and it's pretty awesome.

Not worth paintwork going on except the red patterns. Paint apps are neatly applied and no sloppy finish here. I like how the head has molded patterns instead of just painted on.

He comes with his web cape which plugs onto his back like the previous symbiote MLs. This gives it some degree of articulation which is nice.

His articulations are amazing! If i'm not mistaken, Miguel here is the retool of the Superior Spidey mold with new arms, hands, head and slightly longer torso. It looks fantastic!!!

I love this figure so much. I think he may be one of my fave MLs to date, next to comic Starlord. I hope Hasbro will keep using this fantastic mold for all future skinny characters. Now i just hope i can find Daredevil next...

Anyway thanks for viewing!


  1. Love his guy! So glad to finally get a good version of 2099; he's been a favorite design since I was a kid. Absolutely fantastic posing, by the way!

    1. Thanks! Spider-men are easier to pose since you can just go crazy with them