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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Neca Devil May Cry Dante

As fans of action and horror video games, there are very few people who've never heard of the Devil May Cry series. Dante, the main character of the series, is one of the most iconic characters of video games and i, myself is a fan of the first game. Neca teased us with a prototype 7 years back of a Dante figure but unfortunately it never saw release. Between those 7 years there were only a handful of Dante figures ever made, most of them in weird scale, the oddly proportioned Revoltech, the big ugly Play Arts and some trading figures. None of them appealed to me... so i kept hoping Neca would finally release a decent Dante. Somehow the planets aligned and Neca finally released Dante for development hell!

 First off, Dante is sporting his first getup from Devil May Cry 1 with the long red coat. Here it's sculpted being windswept to the left. Though it looks awesome, it makes the figure a bit imbalanced to the left, obvious... Anyway, this figure sculpted beautifully as expected of Neca, though his face is a bit... un-Dante like. Besides the face, the rest of the figure is awesome! Neca even sculpted seams of all of the clothing.

Paint is great, with a dark red wash on the figure. But, like the sculpt, the face is off, the lips are painted black making it looked like Dante is wearing lipstick or something.

He comes with a good amount of accessories. There's the shotgun, both his handguns; Ebony and Ivory, his sword; Alastor, an extra pair of hands to hold them and handguns' muzzle flash. The hands can hold the guns fine, but getting the hand to hold Alastor is a bit tricky. Because the hilt is so big, once the sword is held, it's not going anywhere.

The hand swapping gimmick is great but i wish Neca used larger pegs for them. They're just so tiny! Becareful when you switch them around. And also because of how tiny they are,  the hands keeps popping off on mine... maybe some floor polish will fix that.

Dante poses great. With the exception of the elbow (which is due to the coat's design) everything has great range and motion. He even has head AND neck joints.

Overall, i feel like this is the best figure of Dante so far even with all his flaws. It looks great, poses well and it's pretty affordable. If you're a Devil May Cry fan, he's pretty much a must buy.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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