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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Transformers Combiner Wars Voyager Cyclonus / Galvatronus

I did it. I finally did it. I've finally gave in to the Combiner Wars gimmick. I tried really hard to resist them, but Hasbro just had to make a purple combiner, purple toys are my weakness. So here's the toy that finally pushed me over, voyager Cyclonus!

Right off the bat you'll notice the sweet purple plastic Hasbro used. It's so pleasing to the eye... like a grape flavored candy bar.
 Cyclonus's alt mode is a futuristic looking jet that's unmistakable. It looks great viewed from the top, with backwards pointing wings and whatnot, but when you view him from the bottom... you'll see his entire robot mode hiding underneath. Compared to the older deluxe Cyclonus, it's not that great.

Cyclonus bot mode on the other hand is a handsome looking fella. He's has gotten pretty buff from his deluxe days.  He's a heavy retool of the first Combiner Wars voyager Silverbolt but i like the way he looks more than i do Silverbolt.

The scowling face is pretty awesome.

He comes with the same weapon Silverbolt  which is a rifle and some kind of shield? Except they're grey instead of black. They can be stored on his back and attach to form a larger gun.
Articulation is pretty decent and can do pretty much what poses you need him to do.

But enough bout that, that's not the main reason we're here. As a combiner, Galvatronus does his job spectacularly. He looks great with a wide chest and a pretty amazing headsculpt.

Unlike the rest of the Combiner Wars guys, Galvatronus doesn't have his own team, which means he doesn't have unique limbs. Hasbro's bio states that Cyclonus uses mind control to capture other transformers for his limbs. While i never recall Cyclonus having that ability, i love the concept of a torso forcibly using other transformers as limbs. It opens up alot of options to mix and match your favourite combination.

Everything locks well together and stays on pretty solidly. Aside from the limbs being to heavy sometimes, he's a blast to pose and fiddle with.

I really am enamored with this guy.  He may not be G1 or whatever, but give him a chance and you might be pleasantly surprised, flaws and all.

Anyway, thanls for viewing!


  1. I wasn't planning on getting this guy, but WOW does he look impressive! I especially love the particular color of purple - it really pops. The idea that he captures and uses other random Combiner guys is also awesome. They put a lot of work into this idea!

    1. Yes, the purple is probably the main reason i bought him in the first place. I hope there will be giant orange hand cannon add on kit for him. That's the only thing that'll make him better.