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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Bandai SHF Bruce Lee

I can only describe Bandai's Bruce Lee with 1 word... WOW.

This is such a great figure i can't believe it's in 1/12 scale. The resemblance is so incredible, you'd expect this kind of quality from a Hot Toys or 1/6 figure.
The heads are a work of art, each captures Bruce Lee well and each are perfectly printed. There's no paint slops anywhere i can see. The fleshtone body is subtly painted with a gradient which brings out Lee's muscles superbly.
There are 4 heads, first is the default neutral face.

Second is his signature battle ready face

Third is the same face but looking to right.

And lastly is the screaming face. The face plates can be easily changed by just popping it off.

Check out all the hands he comes with! The hands are on a peg this time instead of a balljoint so you can easy chnage them. As someone with big fingers, i really appreciate this.
Also those equipments!

The nunchucks are hard black plastic with metal chains. It's pretty sturdy but i would still becareful bout pulling the chains too much.

The 2 black sticks are made of the same black plastic from the nunchucks.

Same with the black staff.

All the equipments fit snugly into his hands.

Articulations are NUTS!!! Lee can do pretty much every pose you want him to. There's absolutely no complaints here.

He can even do his high kick pose without requiring assistance from stands.

The only problem with him though, is that he's pretty tiny. He stands a head shorter than conventional kamen rider figuarts (i 've forgotten to take a comparison pic though). But with everything else so fantastic, i'm more than willing to overlook this.

This is such a fantastic figure, it's worth every penny i paid. Bruce Lee fans, kung fu fans, even toy fans in general, i can't recommend him enough!

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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