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Monday, 15 February 2016

Neca Heroes of Storm Illidan

It's been awhile since my last Neca figure...There's actually a reason behind that, Malaysia doesn't really have a reliable Neca distributor so we've really slow on the release (some are even skipped entirely,namely the Bioshock releases). Being a Neca fan here is suffering for someone who's too poor to afford western imports ( i'm still waiting for the AVP releases to hit Malaysia ).
So when i saw a single Illidan in a video shop of all places, i snapped him without thinking twice.
There's no way i'm passing up on such a cool looking figure, so i give you Illidan, the Betrayer!

My only exposure to Illidan is from Warcraft 3 so i only know him as the night elf that was imprisoned for some crime and then he ate a skull and became a demon... did i get that right? Eh, i'm more of a Horde guy anyway.
Anyway, Neca released Illidan and Nova first for their Heroes of Storm line.
Illidan looks very cool, Neca never disappoints with the sculpts and it's no exception here. From the hair to the wrinkles on his pants, it's all beautifully sculpted.
Paintwork is plenty although a bit sloppy. There's subtle washes on the body and pants with slight purple highlights on the hair and fur which are great, but the paint on the tattoos and loincloth are sloppily applied.

Check out the scowl! He's a mean looking night elf. His hair and ponytail are made of soft rubber so the head articulations are pretty good.

Illidan's only accessories are his Twin Blades of Azzinoth and  boy, they are some hefty blades. You won't need to worry about breaking them anytime soon. But this also meant loose joints won't be able to hold them long, fortunately most of Illidan's joints are tight enough to hold them.
The sculpt is good and paint is ok, though i would have prefer them to have neon green highlights to emulate glowing. Maybe i'll try painting them myself...

The blades slip on Illidan's open hand pretty snuggly so no complaints here.

They'll probably fit on most figures with open hands.

Articulations are pretty fantastic! Though i would have preferred double jointed elbows, the rest of figure's articulations more than makes up for it. Most surprising are the ankle ball joints, the range on those are GREAT!

This a fantastic figure and for the price Neca's asking for, it's worth every penny. Neca has really delivered on their Heroes of Storm figures, hopefully this line will get support it needs to continue the line. Arthas and Tyrael are already out and they look as fantastic if not more so than Illidan, i need to get my hands on those soon.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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