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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015 Warrior Quillfire

Although i wasn't too impressed with the new Transfomers series, Robots In Disguise, i found that some of the transformers designs in the show pretty interesting. Especially the Decepticons where they have animal motives but still clearly have vehicle modes. So when i saw Quillfire, a crazy looking orca porcupine robot car, i couldn't resist.

 Quillfire is some sort off road vehicle. It's ok i guess, nothing spectacular... paint apps again are minimal, red and yellow for the headlights, some silver for the front and gold for the tyre rims.

But turn him into bot mode and Quillfire is whole other beast, transforming into a squat, wide orca/ porcupine thing.  I like weird transformers and this guy is it. Too bad Hasbro didn't paint on his anarchist emblem.

 He has quills jutting out from his back hence the name Quillfire. The top of the car hangs behind him, kinda wish it would peg on something though.

 He's surprisingly articulated! I was expecting to be disappointed like i was with Sideswipe but he's pretty solid! Ball jointed shoulders, hips, swivel biceps, elbows, torso, thigh, hands, knees and ankles, he can even open his jaws!

He comes with a pistol that's kinda reminiscent of Halo's Needler. I don't like it though, it's way too thin too look good.

He also comes with a detachable quill you can store on his back.

Although Quillfire is abit on the short side, i find myself pretty endeared with him. He's probably one of the more well made RID warriors, while i didn't expect Hasbro to put effort into a minor villain like him i'm pretty happy they did. He's a solid figure, i recommend giving him a look if you're into weird transformers like me.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!


  1. He's got a Battle Beasts vibe.

  2. Man he's got character. I dig the colour scheme on him too.

    That Needler, Quillfire lays the demon seed!