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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Takara Transformers Armada Starscream Super Mode

I didn't grow up with Armada so i never delve too deep into the series. All i know about the Armada series is  that it features some pretty crazy transformer designs and it's debut of the minicons.
So i've pretty much ignored Armada releases, even the release of the leader class Armada Megatron since i didn't need another sub line to collect. But Takara always find away to make me buy their repaints and this time it's no different.
So here is Armada Starscream Super Mode!

Armada Starscream just pops on the shelf! How can you resist such a garish combo of dark blue and blood red? Before i knew it i was already at the counter with Starscream on 1 hand and my wallet at the other.
Starscream transforms into a jet reminisce of his old toy albeit sleeker. It's pretty cool but his head is pretty obvious if you look at it from the top.

Starscream's bot mode is 1 sexy looking bot, looking super sleek but still unmistakably a seeker.
And the colours look even better here, with a primarily blue and silver colour scheme highlighted with red. It's reminding me of Thundercracker. The paint is very cleanly applied as well.  He has 4 pegs on his arms and cannons which i'm lead to believe are minicon ports.

The head is fantastically sculpted with pretty nice lightpiping and man, the red face really makes it pop!

Check out those cannons! Also Starscreams sword can be stored on his wings which is pretty neat.

Articulations isn't as bad as what i was told. Sure, a wrist swivel would be great, but Starcream already poses pretty well.

He comes with 2 blades that's transparent white plastic. They can be folded and stored but i find them a bit flimsy, also transparent plastic makes me nervous of breakages...

His cannons can be pointed forward to look more accurate and shooting poses, but they limit his head articulations and looks awkward from the sides.
I would have like it if the cannons can be folded to less obtrusive but i don't mind them much, i prefer them pointed up anyway.
Also the wings are on a ball joint, this gives Starscream more expressive wings.

While Armada Starscream has lots of things going for him, he still has his flaws... First of, his plane nosecone won't peg onto his chest in robot mode. There are little nubs that you can TRY to peg into the holes on his waist, but they don't work. So his entire plane nosecone just hangs there in bot mode.
Speaking of just hanging there, his neck piece doesn't peg to anything and just hangs there as well. It makes posing the head pretty fiddly.

I never bought any of the new Armada Starscream molds before, but i'm glad i held out for this version. Though he may have flaws i still find Starscream pretty cool and i bought him for only 25 USD so i'm pretty happy with it. Now i'm itching to try to find which minicons i can arm him with.

Anyway thanks for viewing!

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