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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

HG 1/144 Prototype Gouf (Tactical Demonstrator)

It's been awhile since i last built a model kit, so i bought Proto Gouf on a whim. There's something about this mono eyed giant mech that tickles my fancy, maybe it's the blue, maybe it's the spiky shoulder pauldrons but Goufs just looks so cool.
And Proto Gouf has something i really like on giant mechs, asymmetry.

 Proto Gouf is a thing of beauty. It's a solid looking mecha with just enough details to not look too busy. It's a great mix between curved shapes and angled lines, it's like eye candy to me.

His backpack his surprisingly intricate. I love those thick leg proportions, makes Proto Gouf looks beefy.

Proto Gouf have interchangeable arms and it's one of the main reason i bought it.

First he has the whip arm and the whip is bendy plastic where you can shape it anyway you like.

Then there's the machine gun hand. It's shorter and wider than what i've seen on standard gouf gun hands though.

The arms switch via pegs and claws that clamp on.

And finally there's the hand attachment arm which also comes with 2 hands, an open palm and a fist to hold things. The shield that attaches via grip on the elbow slots stays on pretty well. It also stores the axe.

Articulations are a mixed bag. The shoulders are great given the big pauldrons but anything below the chest is subpar. The torso has great articulation points but because of the hose attachments, it's severly limited. Same goes with the hips.
But other than that, knees and ankles are standard fare.

I had a lot of fun building this kit. The only problem i had with him is the crapload of stickers i had to use. Of course, the stickers are optional but Proto Gouf looks a better with them.
This is probably my fave kit, it's pretty solid and looks great.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!


  1. Man that is a sexy kit.

    S E X Y

    I need to get back into HGUC, last I built was the Gouf Custom that appeared in the 08th.

    1. Yea, something about the origins design looks really good.
      Will probably get test Dom soon.
      Also check out the desert Proto Gouf and Ral Proto Gouf

    2. I should, those two you mentioned in particular are beautiful looking.