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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Bandai Legends BB SD Command Gundam

I'm on a plamo kick recently. With not much interesting releases from Transformer, i've turn to Bandai for my robot fix and what could be cooler than a tiny gundam with GUNS! everywhere. So here's Command Gundam from Bandai's Legends BB line.

Like most SDs Command Gundam's proportions are cute with big head, stubby limbs and squashed torso. I love the sliver plated V fins, it really pops from Command's dark green colours.

Command is armed to the teeth! Missile pods, head guns, grenades... Command Gundam is here to kick ass.

Like all BB Legends, Command Gundam has eye stickers with various expressions but the eye piece only has 2 sides for you to use. I opted for the default eyes and happy eyes. Unlike most of the SDs though, Command's helmet is abit trickier to pull off so changing the expressions is a chore. Same goes with the cast off armor especially the legs and shoulder pieces, so i didn't bother taking pictures of armorless Command.

Command Gundam's handheld weaponry includes a machine gun...

... A knife...

... 2 hand grenades ( comes with an open palm with a peg to hold them )...

... And a GIANT rifle.

He also comes with a rifle stand. By the way, his knife can form a bayonet for his machine gun but i guess my top coating must have thicken the peg hole for the machine gun... they won't fit no anymore.

Anyway, all his weapons and missile pod can then combine to form a... TROLLEY OF DOOM!

It's a fun little gimmick and looks pretty cool.

He's probably the most fun i had building plamos. Not too difficult, great colour separation and looks great finished. Totally worth the 10 USD i paid for him.
He makes me wanna go out and buy more SD kits, i actually preordered the upcoming BB Legends Superior Dragon next month. Really looking forward to that.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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