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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Bandai SHF Dragon Ball Beerus

Man, i was a big Dragon Ball fan growing up. I remember chasing each volume with my dad and watching the movies on marathon... Great times. So i had pretty fond memories of the series and when they announced they were making sequels for Dragon Ball Z, i was pretty wary.
Fortunately the movie was pretty good and i loved the new characters introduced, especially Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7. And with the announcement of the SHF for a pretty affordable price, i couldn't resist!

Beerus is pretty nice looking, something about the sphynx cat looks weird yet cool at the same time. The lanky proportions and a the large ears cut a unique silhouette. Paint apps are cleanly applied though i do have a bit of gold paint on the neck on my Beerus, had to scrap that off.

While he looks good from the front, i have a problem with the back mainly regarding the knee joints. I know they're for the articulation range but they look odd and ugly... couldn't they have use the Bruce Lee knee joints? Atleast those would fill up the big gaps.

By the way, you'll notice that Beerus has a very distinctly Egyptian theme going on. Beerus's heads are pretty spot on, first the head with a pretty menacing glare.

The yawning head which is pretty cute.

And the open mouth head. He also comes with a few hand options, there's the default fists, open palms, pointing right hand and some a pair of hands with peg holes... Not sure what those could be used for since he doesn't come with anything with pegs...
Also be careful when you swap them, they're pretty tight and secure so use the wriggle pull trick to avoid breaking the joints.

Articulations are pretty good as with all SHFs. The shoulders are a tad limited since they have to accommodate the armor pieces on them which are also articulated as they're on ball joints.

The hips are the older drop down type instead if the newer one Bruce Lee's SHF has which i would have preferred. The tail is also articulated at the base and gives Beerus a wide range of expressions.

Overall i actually quite like this figure, i had lost interest at first when i received him and thought of selling Beerus off. But after posing him abit, i'm pretty happy to have him. It's just too bad i don't have any other Dragon Ball SHFs since a Goku or Vegeta would be nice... then there's the upcoming Whis... hmmmm.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

EDIT: Beerus looks pretty good with some rement toys, wish i could find a pudding one though.

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