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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Kotobukiya Medabots Headscissors/Rokusho Model Kit

I mention a while back that i grew up watching Medabots in my Sanjuro post. While the Sanjuro kit was pretty lackluster, i thought i might give the Kotobukiya Medabot line another go since I never got the chance to buy the D-arts Roksuho (he's like 63 USD now, ouch).
So here's Rokusho, probably the coolest Medabot in the show.

Right off the bat, Rokusho looks amazing. He's faithfully sculpted and has better proportions than Bandai's D-arts Rokusho.

He comes with 4 face plates, default, squinting...


and red, i can't remember when he looked like that in the show though.

He also comes with interchangeable part for his arm sword.

And of course, the tiny medal.

There's also a pair of alternate pieces for his head pincers for emulating the windswept look.

And alt hands of course, there's fist, open palm and grasping hands.

Lastly, he comes with a full sized larva medal. It's unpainted of course and i lacked bronze paint...

Rokusho has a gimmick! Both his arms are spring loaded! His sword arm snaps apart when the button is pushed and his hammer arm will pop out.

So like the previous Sanjuro kit, Rokusho uses poly cap ball joints for all his articulations. This sounds awesome, but he's not as articulated as you might think... His arms can't bend past 70 ° which is annoying.
Worst of all, everything keeps popping off! Especially the elbows!!!

But compared to Sanjuro, he's a step up. He's a bit more solid and the plastic is sturdier, no stress marks appears when you pose him.

But i would still have preferred if they implemented better joints and more articulations for Rokusho. Compared to Bandai's more well made and cheaper kits, Rokusho is just meh.
But he does look cool and if you can find one cheaper than what it retails for, he's ok.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!


  1. Hello, what kind of paint did you use for the medal? It looks amazing :D

    1. gundam marker gold, it's the best looking gold paint i've ever seen