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Friday, 4 April 2014

Neca Pacific Rim Wave 3 Cherno Alpha

Last year Guillermo del Toro attempt to do the impossible, to direct a Hollywood kaiju film. Written by del Toro and Travis Beacham, Pacific Rim was a solid, refreshing and well executed movie that doesn't treat the audience like idiots. The movie introduces giant monsters called kaiju trying to exterminate the human race, to battle them giant combat mechs were made called jaegars. While the plot was simple, it's the execution that made the movie shine. The designs were interesting and the world felt lived in. But the best part of the movie, was of course the jaegars themselves. Each were unique and memorable, all felt like they could exist in the real world. So when Neca announced that they were making merchs for Pacific Rim, fans were ecstatic. So let's take a look at my fave jaegar of the movie, the Russia jaegar Cherno Alpha!

Among all 5 of the jaegars, Cherno Alpha was the one that stood out to me the most because it's basically a walking nuclear silo. The details of this figure is superb, everything invokes the characteristic of a heavy bruiser, with rectangular shapes and stocky build. The paint work loses some points though. The wash is shoddily painted and some of the red lines are misaligned, but the decals are sharp and nicely done.

Check out the back, plates everywhere!

He also features extendable arms based on his movie's elbow rockets.

Articulation wise, he's pretty fantastic! Because of his simplistic design, each joints have pretty good range to them. Ball jointed hat, torso, shoulders, and ankles, while elbows, wrist, fingers, hips and knees are swivels. Cherno Alpha is able to make some pretty dynamic poses.

Here's him standing next to his wavemate, Coyote Tango. As you can see, he stands a bit taller. They both pretty large and are pretty hefty.

He's a fantastic figure, some flaws with the paint work, but well worth the price. Being the fan fave jaegar, he is very sought after, so get him if you're able. Even when i had to pay extra for importing him, i still think he's worth every penny.
Anyway, thanks for viewing

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