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Friday, 25 April 2014

Mcfarlane Halo 4 Jackal Storm

I'm no big fan of the first person shooter genre... it gives me motion sickness, but i am a fan of aliens and Halo has some pretty nice aliens. Among them, my faves are the Elites (Sangheili) and Skirmishers (Jackal/Kig Yar). So when Mcfarlane decided to release the new Jackal Storm from Halo 4, i thought to myself, a dinosaur in space armor, i gotta have one! So i waited... and waited... and waited, till a year later, i finally got my hands on the new Jackal Storm. So, was he worth the anticipation and delays? ... No.

I gotta mention first, i already did some mods and paint touch ups to the figure itself. Sharpened the spaghetti spines and gave it some weathering. The original figure was much paler with some really poor paintwork and splotchy finish. At least the sculpt looks nice...

Second, it can't hold his weapon... i have no idea why would they design it in such a way that holding the weapon is a chore. The pictures i took with his weapon was through sheer will power and luck, there's no way to make it hold the weapon without looking awkward. Though the weapon is really well made, details are sharp and the paint is nice.


It's really tiny compared to the Elite Zealot in the previous wave but that's based on the game designs. Articulations wise, it's pretty crap. The upper body has standard Mcfarlane ratcheting joints for the shoulders, elbows and wrists, while the neck and torso is on balljoints. No jaw articulation though, big miss with that. but the worst comes in the lower half. It's hips are on balljoints but the range is so limited that it's basically a forward backward swivel... there's no way for you to spread the legs... that sounds awkward... Knees are on ratcheting joints which isn't that bad, it has some range to it, but the ankles, the articulation might as well not be there. I'm able to get 1 ratchet in and that's it! Atleast it has ankle rockers.

Here's the Jackal equipped with the Monster Hunter weapon prop.

It's not able to balance that well, due to how it's feet are designed in the game, so i don't blame Mcfarlane for that. They were generous enough to include a stand as an accessory as well, which helped ALOT!

Overall, it looks nice but that's it... If you can find  1 cheap, or if you really wanna complete the Covenant collection, go ahead and get it. Otherwise, it's a pass
Anyway thanks for viewing!

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