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Friday, 11 April 2014

Takara Transformers Animated Voyager Blackout

Transformers Animated was a cartoon series made back in 2007-2009 when Bay's movie trilogy was wildly popular. Though unlike Bay's movies, Transformers Animated actually had substance. The series was entertaining, written with wit and love for the franchise but because of the budget, the animation was kinda choppy. The most outstanding element though, was the design by Derrick Wyatt. Love it or hate it, you can't deny the design was unique and interesting. The robots looked impossible to translate into toy form, so imagine the surprise when Hasbro released the toys that not only look accurate, but are actually good... well, some of them anyway. Anyway, here's Blackout!

 Blackout only appeared in 1 episode for 5 minutes, but he and Oilslick were apparently deemed worthy to have toys made of them. While Oilslick was given a Hasbro release, Blackout was never given one. There were only Takara versions and those were pretty rare as well. So, i was pretty lucky to find one this day and age for retail price. Anyway, back to Blackout. Just look at all those guns! Both alt mode and bot mode feature so much firepower! He transforms into futuristic looking helicopter instead of his alt mode in series,  probably was he suppose to appear if the series wasn't given a premature death. The alt mode is pretty solid though i wish the arms are able to peg in the body.

While alt mode was above average, the bot mode is fantastic! Just look at that mustache! How often can you have a bot with mustache?? Proportions are fantastic, sharing a similar silhouette with Animated Lugnut. This gives him a muscular, intimidating look while looking cute as a button!

Articulation wise though... it's ok? With swivel torse, hips and knees, the lower half can achieve all the poses you want a mustachioed robot want too. The arms though, with only forward swivels, he can't twist his shoulders sideways. The elbows, wrist and fingers are articulated.

Back is alittle plain, but atleast the copter blades turn into a cape

For a voyager, he's kinda tiny, similar to Lugnut. In the series, he's suppose to be HUGE to be able to challenge Omega Sentinels. So the size is kinda underwhelming...

 Still pretty fantastic though

The back part of the wing transforms into a weird bulky disc launcher. On the copter mode it looks good, but here it's awkward and clunky.

Overall, he's pretty great! But because of the rarity, it's pretty hard to get one for a decent price...
Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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