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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Neca Series 11 Battle Armor Lost Predator

The Predator movie franchise is probably one of my favorite sci-fi franchise ever. I remember watching it when i was little, i was so awestruck with cloaking effects and scared with the Predator. Designed by Stan Winston and some input by James Cameroon, the Predator was an interesting, scary yet cool monster. The first film was fantastic, and the following movies weren't too shabby either (except the AVP movies, those 2 can rot in movie hell)., so i was utterly in love with the Predator lore. A race of honorable hunters, collecting trophies across the galaxy, what's not to love? So when Neca announced that they were making Predator figures, i was in 100 %. Now, after 11 waves, Neca decided that the movie designs weren't enough, so they've set their sights on re-inventing old and creating new Predator designs. The results? 3 fantastic kenner Predators and 1 original design. Introducing the Battle Armor Lost Predator!

Designed and sculpted by Jason Frailey and Dave Silva, BALP or Borg, looks fantastic! Sporting unique armor, mask, caster and sheathe,  he stands out among the traditional Predators, looking more like he's a cyborg instead of a hunter alien. According to Jason Frailey, Borg here is a technophile, and instead of hunting organic creatures, he hunts robots. How cool is that??

Details are FANTASTIC!!! The mask features sharp panels and angular shapes, it's such a beauty. We've already seen the armor featured in the previous wave's Borg so that's nothing new. The plasma caster is another whole new sculpt, bigger and bulkier than the more traditional Predators', it looks like it could rip a hole in a Terminator. The sword sheathe is sculpted on the robotic spine of the armor.

He comes with 2 accessory, a shuriken...

And the sword. Just look at this thing. It's painted red which seems to imply it's superheated, probably to cut through the robot he hunts. It's cast in hard plastic, so the sword wouldn't deform or bend.

His plasma caster has 2 balljoints, allowing it alot of range and movement.

Articulations are the same as the previous Lost Predators, which is to say... medicore. Not as articulated as a Marvel Legends, Borg has difficulty achieving more dynamic poses. It has sufficient articulations, but i find myself missing an ab crunch... Let's hope Neca fixes that in the future waves.

Here's a comparison shot with the previous unarmored Borg. You can tell in hand that old Borg has a more realistic paint scheme and weathering. By the way, i swapped their hands so new Borg has an open palm. Originally, he was 2 holding hands, which i find unnecessary.

Series 10 and 11 maybe my favorite Predator wave Neca has made, here's hoping they will continue to wow in the future.
Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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