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Friday, 16 May 2014

Hasbro Transformers Age of Extinction Deluxe Scorn

So Michael Bay has decided to make another Transformer movie... yup... ain't gonna hold alot of expectation for that. Anyway, the movie this time is bringing us dinobots and you know what that means? MORE TOYS! Introducing a whole brand new character to the franchise, Scorn, the red-sailed knight!

Scorn is a spinosaurus that's made of knifes. Seriously, this thing has jagged edges everywhere and it's cool! The whole thing is decked in red and grey plastic, with orange paints and baby blue for the eyes with contrasts really well with the red.

Articulation wise, the dino more has really good head swivels (up/down and sideways), ball jointed arms and kinda awkward leg joints. Not much pose you can pull off with those leg joints without looking awkward.

Bot mode, is a thing of beauty. Probably because it doesn't have the butt ugly Baybot faces, it looks really good. I heard the designers drew design inspiration from knights for the dinobots and here it shows. With large shoulder pauldrons, bucket helmet and LANCE ARM Scorn looks imposing and cool. It reminds me of Darksouls and i really love Darksouls.

Articulation is pretty good, though the knee joint is kinda awkward.

Underneath the lance arm, there's a slot for a shortblade. Not much to mention bout it, but it's nice of the designers to enable you to store it on the figure.

Really like the double fins.

It's surprisingly good and unique, but if i have to point out a flaw, it'll be the awkward knee joints. Other than that, it's a great figure. I understand that Hasbro has increased the price yet again, so people might be wary of buying new figures especially of an new character, but if you're gonna buy 1, make it this guy.
Anyway thanks for viewing!

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