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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Hasbro Transformers Age of Extinction Deluxe Slug

After the fantastic Deluxe Scorn, how does his dinobot wavemate stands next to him? Kinda... meh? Based off the G1 dinobot, Slug aka Slag aka Snarl is a triceratops though he looks kinda skeletal especially with the spines on the tail. He's mostly made of purple plastic with some grey painted with red, dark grey and some silver. A very cool colour scheme for sure.

He's not a bad toy to be honest, his alt mode is fantastic. It looks very cool with tons of spikes coming out from the face and a very nice looking frill. Articulation on the dino mode has jaw swivel, shoulder ball joints, swivel elbow and back leg toes swivels. It's a bit weird that to complete the transformation the back legs have to peg into the back and thus taking away the articulation from the hips.

He comes with 2 short swords and it looks so GOOFY stored on the dinomode! Just look at it!

Bot mode is where he's a tad lacking. The proportions is awkward with popeye arms, huge boots and tiny torso with a tiny head. The shoulder pauldrons are also the dino head split in half, which is pretty cool. Again, same with Scorn, his head is based on the knight's helmet though i have no idea what this kind of particular helmet is called.

He looks cool dual wielding his short swords at least. Articulations are pretty standard, but because of how  his dino legs peg to torso, he can't lower his arms by his side.

Nice looking head sculpt.

After fiddling around with him, i prefer to keep him in dino mode because of how good he looks. Not as fun as Scorn, he might not satisfy you dinobot needs. Overall it's above average.
Anyway, thanks for viewing!


  1. I am very fond of this sculpt ! He almost has a knight look to him .Very cool.

  2. You can sort of store the swords together through the rib cage in dino mode.

    One handle can slot into the groves on the tale (that never likes to tab in anyway) while the other handle sticks out a bit more along under the throat.