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Friday, 23 May 2014

Hasbro Transformers Age of Extinction Voyager Hound

So the Dinobots were pretty nice, though the AOEs vehicle transformers left me unimpressed. That was until wave 2 came along. Wave 2's voyagers were the man-made Galvatron which were pretty meh, and Hound. What can i say bout Hound? Well how bout HE FREAKING ROCKS!!

In G1, Hound was a peace-loving, tree-hugging all around good guy that turned into a jeep, but since this is Bay's transformers, all that goes out the window. Here, Hound is a war vet, militaristic and gruff Autobot carrying enough firepower to  take on the Decepticon army himself, and it shows in his altmode, a medium tactical vehicle. It's rugged, bulky and honestly, reminds me more of Bulkhead than Hound.

Transformed, Hound certainly looks mean. With BEARD AND ARMS MADE OF AMMO, wide shoulders, puffed up chest and stocky proportions, Hound looks like he 's been through it all.

While recent transformers offered little to no accessories, Hound here is loaded with them. Sporting a minigun, 2 shotguns, 2 handguns, 2 tinier handguns and a combat knife, what else can you ask for? Best part, HE CAN CARRY THEM ALL! Honestly i'm just having too much fun posing him with all the weaponry.

But that's not all, all those sweet weapons can combine into a huge decepticon blasting, seriously overkill weapon of mass destruction. Just look at it, it's almost as tall as Hound himself.

Articulation wise, he's pretty good with swivel head, shoulders, arms, wrist, hips, knees and toes. He's able to keep any action pose you want him to. Just be aware he's a bit top heavy so you might need to balance him alittle. Scale wise, he's undersized standing next to the older deluxe, but i don't mind that 1 bit. I almost forgot to mention, the plastic on the weapons are made thinner than Hound himself, so you might see stress marks if you force the weapons too hard. The shotguns are the worst offenders because once you push their handles in, it's tough to pull them out. So what i suggest is to only push in the handle half way.

He's pretty much the gem of wave 2. I love how solid everything clicks into place, leaving nothing hanging like alot of the recent transformers. He's 1 of those transformers that i would suggest to hunt out for.
Anyway. thanks for viewing!

EDIT: I finally did the knuckle mod. Just slide the pieces downwards, there might be some glue so becareful with that. To store them at the back without the pieces wiggling around, just angle them and they stay in pretty tight.


  1. I havent been a huge fan of a lot of the movie style characters but this one looks pretty awesome!

    1. yea, i was pretty surprised by it as well. definitely one of the better ones

  2. Dang, and here I was trying not to buy many if any TF4 figures, and along comes Hound.