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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Carnage

Unlike the Eddie Brock, Carnage's host was mostly the psychotic murderer Cletus Kasady. And unlike Eddie, Cletus was a one note character who basically murders everyone in his path. So unlike Toxin, i have no particular attachment to the character, but how does the toy stack up to the newer Marvel Legends? Not too bad actually.

He's probably the best looking Carnage toy Hasbro has made ever. With a great head sculpt, attached tendrils and new hand sculpts, he looks pretty impressive. The black vines are painted instead of molded on so it looks great without being too messy.

Articulations are the standard modern Marvel Legends standard, so it's pretty good.

He comes with the exact same back tendril attachment that came with Toxin.

Overall a pretty good figure, and will probably the definitive Carnage toy for some time.
Anyway thanks for viewing!

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