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Friday, 9 May 2014

Hasbro Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Deluxe Vehicon

Transformers Prime was the most recent series that picked up from the game Fall of Cybertron left off. A pretty solid series, Transformers Prime was darker, more serious and pretty well animated than it's the previous series, Transformers Animated. It ran for 3 seasons, which was pretty long so Hasbro made 3 toy lines for it, First Edition, Robots in Disguise and Beast Hunters. So today i'm here to talk bout the unsung heroes of the Decepticon army, the Vehicons.

The Vehicons are the cannon fodder and abuse material for the Decepticons. Highly expendable and numerous, they were the perfect material to show how badass the Autobots were. This particular Vehicon is from the second line, Robots in Disguise. Based off the appearance from the series, it transforms into this sleek, futuristic car resembling a Cadillac Ciel that looks so beautiful with sharp angles and smooth lines. Certainly one of the best deluxe car modes.

The robot mode ain't too shabby either. It features a head with visor, high shoulders and no kibbles! NO KIBBLES! Because of how it transforms, the entire car hood is split and folded up the legs. This is genius.

It only comes with a gun that can be held or clip onto the arm. This makes it looks like the arm cannon accurate to the series.

Articulation is pretty good with most in the skinny arms, which allows it so much emotive gestures.

Some of you might have noticed though, that the Vehicon in my pics have it's car wheels lower than it should be. That's because i modded mine following some simple instructions online. This gives it a more accurate look and allow the overall silhouette to look better. Here is the modded one compare to an unmodded Vehicon.

One of the best looking deluxe, this little guy is well sought after by army builders. I was lucky to come into 2, so if you come across them for a good price, don't hesitate!
Anyway thanks for viewing!

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  1. the Prime: RiD(or RIB) Vehicon is a thing of beauty. I'm surprised they never gave the mold a Beast hunter upgrade.