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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Transformer Generations Deluxe Windblade

Windblade was the first official fan-created Transformer from Hasbro's Fan-Built Bot program (basically a poll to decide on what she is, weapon, personality and name) she's a geisha themed, vtol plane that that uses a turbine sword called Stormfall. Best buds with Chromia, she's a cybertronian that bears Caminus' markings and the rare trait of speaking with Metrotitans. But how does these translate into the toy?

 Windblade is the very definition of interesting concept, bad execution. Almost nothing clips together proper in this mode which is a shame cause it's a pretty looking plane. Black with a dash of red, it's looks sleek.

The bot mode is even worse which is unfortunate because Windblade actually looks really good, with a unique geisha headsculpt, high heels and a slim silhouette. Too bad bout the back wings that's just hanging there, stupid stupid hips and short back heels. Seriously, those hips and back heels pisses me off so much, more on those soon but first let's continue with the pros.

She has slots at the thighs that you can plug her sheathe, which does the job, but fall off way too often.

Her headpiece is able to come off as an iron fan or tessen, which she can hold... kinda.This is pretty cool and i commend the designers for doing this.

Stormfall is great, it's pretty looking sword casted in  transparent purple plastic.

Now the bad part... Although her arms have great articulations, her legs are some of the worst in recent transformers Hasbro has released. Those hips while on balljoints, is limited by the red tabs, preventing from forward movement. And those heels, hate hate hate HATE them so much. They're way too short so she fall frequently. If they gave her toe swivels, it would have helped alot, or molded the heels abit longer. I forgot to mention, her head is just on a swivel but because of her collar, it's very limited.

 By the way, notice a problem with the face? Yea, somehow Hasbro painted her face differently how she actually look in her designs. Why??? Fortunately Takara will be giving us one with accurate face paint and honestly it looks way better.

A disappointing figure to me, especially after how much Hasbro hyped her. She's a good display piece in bot mode, but that's all she has going for her. Otherwise, avoid her.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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