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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Neca SDCC 2014 Exclusive Ahab Predator

When Neca announced their SDCC exclusive this year, the Ahab Predator from Dark Horse's Predator: Fire and Stone comic, i cursed the heavens. I really really liked the design but unfortunately being born outside of the US, i would have to pay ridiculous money to buy Ahab Predator. So a few months passed, i've given up hope of owning one, that is until my friend managed to find one being sold on a chinese website for a very reasonable price. I didn't give any second thoughts and paid instantly. Now that i have him in hand, how does he stack up?

He utilizes the same  the same body mold that Neca used for what? 4 years now? So we know what to expect with the articulations. Ahab uses the Jungle Hunter body up to the neck with a new head sculpt, mask, a large creature skull and an unique spear. The mask is beautifully made and looks pretty unique that exposes the lower jaw. It looks worn and have seen quite a few hunts with dings, scars and more prominent scratch marks across the right eye.

My fave part bout this figure though, is the detachable mask! Check out the ugly mug beneath. Ahab looks badass with missing right eye and mandible. According to the packaging, Ahab is an elder that's on his last hunt to kill the most formidable foe any Predator ever faced, like Captain Ahab from Moby Dick on his hunt for the White Whale. Anyway while the overall head sculpt is fantastic, i do find his left brow a bit too low and obscures the eye.

 Check out the insides of the mask as well, all those details are a nice touch

 When i ordered him, i was worried about the misaligned netting paint that plagues the Predator line. But fortunately, Ahab here is perfectly painted though i did have paint stuck to the knee joint (fixed now) so you might wanna be careful with that and not force the joints.

All in all he's pretty cool and i'm glad i didn't have to pay too much for him. Now i just hope Neca will start using their new Predator mold soon, i can't stand having so many cool Predator designs but not have enough articulations to pose them with.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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