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Friday, 26 December 2014

66 Action Kamen Riders Box 4

Another box finally arrived with some really cool offerings this time! Seems like Bandai decided to drop the secret entries as well, which i don't mind. Anyway, onwards with the pictures!

First up is my least favourite entry, Kamen Rider Wizard. Never liked the series nor the design for this guy. Something bout the head bothers me, anyway, Wizard's coattails are on pegs, allowing for some foward and backwards movements.

Seems like Bandai dropped the weird bases and gave us stands instead. These stands also allow for the extra hand storage which is pretty neat. All the riders have 6 hands each, and Wizard has his weapon, WizarSwordGun.

Like the previous No More box, Bandai implemented shoulder swivels which helped alot. Now just gotta wait for those thigh swivels...

Next up is Kamen Rider Faiz! Though i have no love for the series, i really like Faiz's simplistic yet futuristic design. And he translates pretty well here. Check out those compound eyes, beautiful!

Like  Wizard, Faiz has a stand, 6 hands and his sword, Faiz Edge.

Pretty cool little guy.

Bandai wasn't done milking Gaim yet, so here's the second best form in the show Kachidoki Arms ( first will always be Bravo ).

Kachidoki is probably the most detailed one of the bunch, but unfortunately the paint is lackluster. Also he has the most accessories with a stand, 6 hands, DJ Gun sword form which was the same as 
 Kiwami's and his flags which are removable!

But like Wizard's coattails, Kachidoki's skirts limits his articulation alittle.

Last is probably my fave of this box, Kamen Rider Drive from the latest series! Love the show and love the design, Drive instantly grabs attention with his primarily red colour scheme.

His accessories are a stand, 6 hands and and his Steering Sword.

He makes me wanna buy a tiny Tridoron just to display with him, get on that Bandai!

He's cool and all but i find his paint kinda lacking... let's see if we can fix that...  anddddddd, DONE! Looks much better now

As long as Bandai keeps making this guys, i will keep buying them. Tiny articulated figures for 7 bucks?? SIGN ME UP. And it seems like these guys are selling pretty well over in Japan, with Dragonball and Ultraman 66 action figures planned in the future. Also the next box has Ryuki, Tajador, Machine Chaser and OHMYGOD KAMEN RIDER BLACK!!!

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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