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Monday, 29 December 2014

Neca Pacific Rim Knifehead 2.0

Finally gotten my grubby little hands on a Pacific Rim kaiju! Intially i held out on buying the previous offerings because i thought the kaijus aren't worth the price, but with the new Hong Kong Brawl Gypsy Danger coming out, i needed a opponent to display with Gypsy. Well, i stand corrected, i really really like Knifehead 2.0!

Before the new Knifehead mold was released, Neca made a smaller, crappier Knifehead to test the waters. Because Pacific Rim were a new IP, they were unsure if the movie would take off and if there would be any demand for toys. Well it did, so Neca finally gave us a proper Knifehead that's not crap and it's a MONSTER!

First off, he's huge. He stands 8" tall, scaled to fit in with the newer jaegars. This thing is also pretty hefty, i imagine i could probably bust a skull if i chucked it at someone. The details are pretty amazing, without the blue wounds and blood that the battle damaged Knifehead has, the blue wash brings out the texture of the skin alot more.

There's also a pop out tongue option! Much better than the permanent stuck out tongue that the first version had.

Knifehead's shell is also much more detailed this time.

Articulations are improved this time around. Still not much range to them though, but leagues above the basic swivels of the first version... i really hate the first version Knifehead.

Really cool figure, i really enjoyed him more than i thought. He looks imposing and pretty monstrous standing next to any 1/12 figures.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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