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Thursday, 5 November 2015

HG 1/144 Gundam Barbatos

I'm not much of a Plamo guy, normally i wouldn't buy them unless they were interesting or unique. And normally i wouldn't spend so much time on building them either. But i got to watching the new Gundam series, Iron Blooded Orphans and i loved it! And the HG kit is pretty cheap as well so i figured why not? As it turns out, Barbatos is pretty awesome.

Barbatos' design is pretty unique compared to conventional Gundam archetypes. Looking much more skeletal with armour pieces slapped on it. BTW, this is probably my first proper Gundam build, so it's very amateurish so bear with me.

Barbatos has a back pack that you can attach little pegs to store his weapons, it can also be fitted with the rifle in episode 5, but i didn't buy the option set yet so i won't go into that.

The thruster is articulated.

Barbatos has his normal arms and an armoured arm that hasn't appeared in the show yet so i'm assuming it's amour.

His articulation is fantastic! The range on the ankle swivel is especially impressive. He can pretty much do the splits with his feet firmly planted.

Accessories included his signature mace, a katana and his normal arm. I love the mace especially, it's pretty rare to see any protagonist main a blunt weapon.

His katana is pretty standard, not much to say bout it.

Barbatos' design might turn off some Gundam fans and i can see why, but i like the design and the kit is very cheap, so you could probably buy him and use him for customs if you aren't keen on his asthethics.  As for me, i'm eyeing Graze Kai and Gundam Gusion, and maybe some option kits... i think i might have just fallen into the Plamo rabbit hole...

Anyway, thanks for viewing.

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