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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Vulcanlog 001 Monster Hunter Tigrex Standard Species

Monster Hunter is one of the few games i will actively follow. I've been playing the series since the ps2 era and i've bought a 3ds just to play the new instalment.
Anyway Kaiyodo is not a stranger to the Monster Hunter series, they have released 2 monster species Rathalos and Zinogre and 2 armor sets. But Kaiyodo has finally decided to go full blown with the series and announce a lot of upcoming figures, including palicoes! And they just recently released their newest addition to their monster line, the raging Tigrex!

While Rathalos is a biped wyvern and Zinogre is... a wolf/lizard thing, Tigrex is quadruped wyvern. He looks like a stereotypical wyvern/dragon but built more brutish, with clear muscle definition and rough protuding scales and spikes. He's very well sculpted with alot of beautiful details popping.Of course, what makes Tigrex a Tigrex is his unique colourion of yellow with blue stripes which is very well done here. Kaiyodo also released rage and brute colours which i like but not enough to buy them.

If you've followed Kaiyodo's Revoltech line, you'll notice now they've included the name Vulcanlog in their releases recently. From what i understand, it means it's a joint release between Kaiyodo and Union Creative ( i might be wrong here ). And these releases typically are a tad different from normal Kaiyodo Revoltechs, take Tigrex for example here. He's using a type of newer Revolving joints and emphasize on articulations instead of sculpt unlike Rathalos. So much so that Tigrex looks kinda gappy from certain angles.

Tigrex like most Revoltechs uses alot of rubbery plastic in certain parts, so the articulations aren't hindered as much.

He even has an articulated tongue! Though as articulated as he is, Tigrex has one very glaring flaw, the neck. It uses the type of joints normally reserved for knees and thus isn't as articulated as one might hope. He can't look left to right which is a damn shame.

Accessories include the effect part that has probably been repainted a hundred times now. Not much to say here, it's just a splash effect.

Also included are his tail wound when a player successfully cut off the tail and some unpainted hunter and palico minis. These are surprisingly detailed minis.

In the beginning, when i opened this guy up, i was kind of disappointed with the neck. But after posing it a bit, Tigrex has won me over with the fantastic sculpt and articulations. It's not often you'll find an articulated dragon/wyvern toy and one so well sculpted as Tigrex, so he's definitely worth picking up. Now i hope Kaiyodo will continue the trend of making flagship monsters because coming up next will probably be Nargacuga and Brachydios!

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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