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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Transformers Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Prowl

Its been awhile since i last bought a transformer, i've mentioned before that combiners don't really interest me. So while Hasbro's been pumping out a few new molds and dozen of retools and repaints, all i can think of is when are we getting the headmasters? But once i laid eyes on Prowl, i couldn't resist.

Prowl is a pretty extensive retool of Dead End and he's probably the best looking of the 3 Dead End remolds. His altmode is a pretty slick looking futuristic police car with plenty of panels and vents. Paint wise, he has black, red and blue with a dash of silver for the headlights.

Compared to Dead End, he's a bit more streamlined and lower.

Limb mode he's the same as Dead End, albeit his connector is abit better made. It's not as loose as Dead End's.

But the bot mode, he's rocking the Dead End mode very well.  With new head, chest and shins, he's 1 handsome looking deluxe.

The face sculpt is pretty nice though i wish the head crest was painted better. It might just be me, but Prowl feels better in hand than Dead End, with smoother joints and tabs that fits together better.

Unlike Dead End who came with a pipe baton, he comes with a badass triple barrel shotgun. And i just love this thing!

Seriously this is one cool looking weapon!

Since he's a remold of Dead End, he retains all the same articulations which is pretty good.

I'm pretty glad i bought him since he seems to be one of the better figures of Combiner Wars. Even if you have no plan of dabbling into combiners, he makes a pretty good classic Prowl. So yea, i do recommend getting him.

Anyway, thanks for viewing!

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